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We exist to change things for good.

What is Ahoy?

We develop the technology that powers a new generation of logistics and supply chain solutions. We then put that technology to the test on the ground with our own delivery fleet and logistics operations.

Chilled, Ambient or Frozen. Starting from 10 AED/ SAR per day per shelf. Get your products to your clients within 1 hour 24/7 365 days a year.

Dry, ambient (room temperature), chilled, and frozen until the packages arrive at the door. We allow you to even track humidity LIVE!

AHOY redefines the golden standard for user experience and service levels with services ranging from a few minutes to same-day delivery, at 98% success rate of first delivery attempt.

The value you can create with AHOY is more than meets the eye… and it shows... right in your top and bottom lines.

From your location

Using our proprietary mix of spatial planning algorithms, IoT, mapping and navigation technology, we are able to offer unlimited same day delivery for a flat fee.

Your goods spend less time in storage and getting to their destination.


Surprise your customers with faster delivery than they could ever expected while we surprise you with mind-blowing delivery cost.

From rented shelf

AHOY allows you to instantly expand your presence to new territories and provides 24/7 availability to consumer without the need for any extra man power and/ or real estate investment.


You can achieve national market coverage from day one, with packages delivered to customers within 60 min or less, without breaking a sweat.


You can even select the required temperature at which your items to be maintained until they are delivered, whether is Cold, Ambient (room temperature), or Frozen.

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Experience the Ahoy difference

AHOY creates a system that is both spatially and task aware, capable of making and taking decisions that mimics nature, even in counter-intuitive manners, to remove constraints of human technology.


AHOY system reacts to dynamic situations in real-time, taking into account real-world factors and an unthinkable number of variables, and plans the most optimized entire route from end to end.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Success rate on first delivery attempt.


Deliveries this year and growing


Kilometers covered last year


Dedicated Bounty couriers and growing


Partners that trust us for their business


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Make it stand out

Our main goal is to change both merchants and consumers expectations, in terms of product interaction and mobility, and perpetually improve those expectations. Effectively raising the bar.


The question you need to ask yourself is the following: why accept standards when we can outgrow them together?