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Cutting-edge user experience for seamless travelling
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What is Fly+?

Fly+ is a PaaS to provide Remote Check-in / Door-to-Door & Left Behind Luggage Handling Services.

Door-to-Door service

Allows passengers to request for remote check-in and luggage movement from pick-up to end destination locations, receiving flight boarding passes and luggage tags at their doorstep. 

Track luggage status

Passengers can receive their misplaced/ forgotten luggage back in a timely manner. 

Passengers can track the status of their luggage through the application 

Customizable for convenience

Passengers can select & modify time slots for luggage drop-off as per their convenience and reach the agent without revealing their phone number. 

Our masked calls ensure complete privacy.  

What it features

Here's an overview of the amazing components of Fly+.


Passenger portal/app

Allow users easy access to booking and tracking services.


FLY+ Agent mobile app

Assists agents in carrying out their tasks on and off-airport. 


FLY+ Admin portal

Gives management control to oversee the entire operation. 


FLY+ APIs Gateway

Allows other systems to integrate with FLY+ platform. 

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Cutting-Edge UX

FLY+ customer application is available as an iOS & Android mobile app, along with website platform.


All mobile application features are available through a web application in both Arabic and English languages

Customer Journey

Through the FLY+ application.


Passenger requests for service(s) via FLY+ App

Agent picks up luggage and processes check-in

Agent drops off luggage at departure airport desk

Luggage gets loaded into the flight after security clearance

Luggage is cleared at arrival airport and collected

Luggage assistant drops off luggage at the check-out desk

Agent/driver collects lugagge from check-out desk

Agent/driver delivers luggage to customer

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Left-Behind Luggage Process

Through the FLY+ portal and mobile application.


Driver collects the luggage and delivers to the passengers end destination.

Passengers confirms the drop-off point and delivery slot as per their convenience

Airline/ airport staff requests for the service via FLY+


A seamless travelling experience

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