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AhoyMaps SDK

Why reinvent the wheel when you can integrate AhoyMaps SDK with your app?
The AhoyMaps SDK is an all-in-one package with all the features you wish you had in a map.
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An all-in-one package

Build the map experience you want. AhoyMaps SDK provides you with full control using a variety of modifications and schemas.


Powered by realtime and historic traffic data, you can ensure the accuracy of your map powered by AhoyMaps SDK. 

We enable you to build a complete turn-by-turn navigation suite for your mobile applications. 


A quick overview of what you can achieve with this SDK.

Traffic Data

Real-time and historic traffic data to put your app at the forefront in practical and real contexts.


Freedom to customize a wide variety of modifications such as map-center, width, and zoom level.

Map Views

Different map displays with different day and night schemes including satellite view.

That's not all, check out some more specific features for Mobile development.

Comprehensive Nav

Build a complete turn-by-turn navigation experience, display routes and show the user’s location on the map throughout their trip

Voice Instructions

Clear and dynamic voice instructions to help you focus on the road and stick to the selected route.


Full control from a single point for all your route management needs.

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any mapping problem that your business faces.

Here is an example where the AhoyMaps SDK can bring value to your business.

App Development

Integrate whole maps into your app in seconds.

Minimize the hassle of development by integrating all of AhoyMaps functionality into your app.

Hassle free development with a variety of options to get the map features you need.

Comprehensive integration with routing APIs such as AHOY’s Multi-Stop Routing API.

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