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Coverage API

Choosing the best optimal location is key to success for any private and public sector company.
AHOY’s Coverage API is designed to fit all your business coverage needs.
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Expand your reach

AHOY’s Coverage API lets you understand the service demand of the location you want based on various metrics. From population to
connectivity and live traffic, the Coverage API takes into account real and accurate data to analyze the coverage of your location.


A quick overview of what this API can do for you.

Accurate Map Data

Plot and display travel times from a location with accurate map data.

Many Transport Modes

Calculate coverage using multiple transport modes such as cars and trucks.

Time Optimization

Optimize for time with a maximum allowable time for your coverage.

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any coverage problem that your business faces.

Here are just some examples where the Coverage API can bring value to your business:

Public Service

Ensure your agencies cater to the public in record time.

Place public facilities such as fire stations at a location that gives you maximum response time.

Plan new facilities by analyzing your existent coverage area and discover unserved communities.

Delivery Operations

Build customer loyalty with accurate delivery times.

Build your network by getting accurate estimates to your business’s coverage.

Facilitate growth by customizing your coverage based on the market’s demands.

Let's explore the API

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