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Location API

Enrich your location services and applications with AHOY’s Location API. Our API empowers developers to build applications that rely on a user’s location to return all manner of relevant search results
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Unrivaled accuracy

With our comprehensive database, the Location API defines an extensive variety of geographic locations, establishments, and prominent points
of interest.


We built our API with our users in mind. With minimal development effort, you can easily access the data you need for your operations.


A quick overview of what this API can do for you.


Accurately pinpoint any location with geocoding and reverse geocoding capabilities.

Search Functions

Gather a list of locations with all their relevant information using just a keyword.


Autocomplete the search of your users with intelligent suggestions.

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any location problem that your business faces.

Here is an example where the Location API can bring value to your business.

Software Development

Boost the accuracy of your application with a structured location schema.

Integrate location search functionality in your application.

Gain access to a variety of prominent points of interests to populate your map.

A powerful search feature that collects results relevant to your input.

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